The Twin Booms

Producer: Victor Vukosavljevic Duration: 35:00 minutes

How can we raise up a giant? How do we give birth to a jungle warrior? How do we craft an airplane to take us around the world? Designers seeking to answer this strange mix of questions all came up with the same answer: Twin Booms. From the legendary Lockheed Lightning, to the De Havilland Vampire, to the Fairchild Packplane designers have turned to twin booms to meet some of the toughest challenges. Though their quirky looks raised some eyebrows, more often than naught, the boomers of aviation proved to be works of genius.

tags: kalinin k7, p38 lightning, twin boom, ov-10 bronco, xc-120, rutan voyager, saab 21, go 242, fokker g1