The Lost V-Bomber

Producer: Elvis Deane Duration: 33:00 minutes

With WWII over, Britain looks to the future and sees a need for bombers to counterbalance the threat posed by the nuclear ambitions of the Soviet Union. In the midst of their search through innovative foreign technologies, they discover one idea a little closer to home.

Pulling its inspiration from nature itself, this new bomber offers stability, grace and a homegrown concept refined over decades and designed by a truly innovative thinker, Geoffrey T.R.Hill. The Lost V-Bomber is the story of one man's passion for an idea and his willingness to see it through, despite the challenges and intrigue standing in his way.

tags: raf, cold war, Vickers Valiant, Avro Vulcan, Handley Page Victor, pterodactyl, Geoffrey Hill, Geoffrey T. R, Hill, flying wing, Ernest Petter, Teddy Petter, Jack Northrop, Shorts PD-1, SA4 Sperrin, Shorts Sperrin