The Emergency Fighter

Producer: Elvis Deane Duration: 31:00 minutes

Already pushed to the brink by constant bombing, the people of Germany face the potential of even more destruction from America with the arrival of the B-29 on English soil. This threat spurs the Luftwaffe to call for the help of Germany's famed aviation designers, a call that is answered with bold and cutting-edge designs. But one concept flies through the clouds and soars above them all, high enough to knock the deadly Superfortress out of the skies and protect the German homeland. This is the story of the swept wing and the Ta 183 Huckebein, the Emergency Fighter.

tags: WWII, luftwaffe, b-29, superfortress, bombing of dresden, kurt tank, focke-wulf, hans multhopp, huckebein,emergency fighter, swing-wing, high altitude, spies, espionage, luftwaffe