The Deadly Twins

Producer: Victor Vukosavljevic Duration: 29:00 minutes

WWI: Germany’s Zeppelin fleet sweeps into British skies. Packed with bombs, these menacing airships prepare to unleash another assault on London. To counter the German airships, Britain develops a hybrid aircraft - the Twin Blackburn Twin. A Zwilling design welding the fuselages of two planes together. With double the engines and extra fuel it is hoped they have a chance of surprising the Zeppelins hiding amongst the clouds.

WWII: Germany and the US, looking to make the most of their precious wartime resources, build up their own Zwilling forces: Heinkel’s towing aircraft the He 111z, Dornier’s heavy fighter the Ju 635, Messerschmitt's escort fighter the Bf109z, and North American’s F-82 twin Mustang.

tags: zwilling, twin, luftwaffe, heinkel, dornier, messerschmitt, blackburn, f-82, twin mustang