Producer: Elvis Deane Duration: 30:00 minutes

With crushing sanctions placed on their growth after the Great War, some German scientists find an outlet for their desire to experiment with a new form of propulsion. Rocket power. As most dabble with black powder, some find that the secret to greater thrust comes from chemical mixtures, as deadly as they are powerful. With the Nazi regime looking for new avenues to channel their aggression, rocket power may be the key to their quest for power. Rocketmen is the story of two aircraft and the pioneers behind them. Ernst Heinkel, the designer whose heritage placed him in a precarious position. Erich Warsitz, the test pilot who would risk it all for the history books, and the daring vision of Wernher von Braun, a genius whose ambitions reached far beyond the confines of the earth.

tags: WWII, luftwaffe, rockets, rocketry, black powder, von braun, werner von braun, wernher von braun, dornberger,heinkel, erich warsitz, vtol, space program, nasa