Frequently Asked Questions

What is AeroCinema?

AeroCinema is the first online documentary channel dedicated to the history of aviation. Documentary feature films and other programs are streamed via the internet and brought to your PC screens

What does AeroCinema offer?

AeroCinema will give you unlimited access to our ever increasing pool of programming

24 documentary features, 1 new each week

24 Reflections, 1 new each week

24 Direct hits, 1 new each week

How do I start watching?

The Trailers are free to watch, they give you a taste of the full product. In order to see full films you will have to register as a member.

How much does AeroCinema cost?

Membership is $4.95 charged monthly (you can cancel at any time) or $49.95 for a yearly membership. Both types of membership come with a 14-day FREE trial.

What if I don't want to continue subscription?

You can cancel anytime you like , Just go to the My Account section of the site - click on the link on the top right of the page - and press the cancel button. You will still have access to the site for the rest of the time you have already paid for.

What are features, reflections and direct hits?


The crown jewel of the channel. Exclusively premiering on the internet. These are documentaries show casing the air battles of the second world war, secret and experimental aircrafts that altered the course of history


Hear the unique stories of pilots, designers and aviators as they recall their experiences in some of aviation's greatest moments.


Short movies on legendary and experimental aircrafts and ground breaking projects.

Watching Instantly

Can I watch instantly on my computer?

Yes. Simply press Play on any TV episode or movie to instantly watch it online on your Internet connected PC or Mac.

Can I watch instantly on my Smartphone or tablet?

Yes. You can watch via our website on any Android or Apple phone. Or if you have an iPad you can download the free AeroCinema application from the App Store.

How about Television:

You can watch instantly on your television if you have a Roku Box(, or a Samsung or Panasonic web-enabled TV.

How fast does my broadband internet connection needs to be to watch instantly?

AeroCinema works with various level of broadband connection, however we recommend a minimum speed of 500kbps ( 0.5mb)

You can check your broadband speed at

If you have a low broadband speed you need to contact your ISP ( internet service provider)

Do I need to download any software to play the programmes?

All of our videos are encoded using Adobe Flash software and you will need a Flash Player. This comes as a standard part of any web browser on a modern computer. However, we recommend that you use the most up to date version of Flash Player. This can be downloaded at ( ).

What is the minimum technical requirement needed on my computer to watch the videos?

A) If you can watch the promotional video (available to non-subscribers via the home page) then you should be able to watch the subscription material.

Why do I occasionally have a problem watching the videos?

A) Broadband or wireless or other internet connections vary in capacity and delivery so widely. The same internet connection can sometimes vary during the day depending on external usage and other factors beyond the control of this website.As quality.

Further Questions?

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