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About Aerocinema

Welcome to AeroCinema, an online documentary channel dedicated to honouring the legacy of flight with original programs made for and by aviation enthusiasts.

Since we first launched in October 2009, we have consistently served up high quality programs to our ever-growing club of members. We have reached out to aviation fans across the world, and the response has been tremendous. This is currently the second version of our website, building on the valuable input we’ve received from our community. AeroCinema is brought to you by a dedicated team of professional film makers, based on Toronto. Through this creative assembly of archive footage, interviews on video and highly developed digital animation - with maximum accessibility and user friendliness - we are able to touch your heart with previously unrecorded happenings of the glorious past and able to answer questions that previously went unanswered.

From the People Who Brought You Wings on Discovery Channel (Company History)

Eureka Media is a direct descendent of Network USA which launched Wingspan TV, that was later sold to the Discovery Channel. After producing over 300 hours for aviation programming for television, Eureka was formed in 1999 and established a base in Toronto, ready for an exciting new venture! The aviation community wanted to see content that was new, fresh and unique - old stories were told countless times – and we were committed to providing it. We embarked on a new line of programs - telling the untold stories which were previously impossible to tell due to the lack of visual resources. The company's production unit employs its own producers, animators, camera crew and IT staff. Eureka now has a major library of exclusive original aviation products. It also has a considerable archive of original shoots, a large animation portfolio and stock footage collection.