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AeroCinema is an online documentary channel focused exclusively on honoring the legacy of flight.

An AeroCinema subscription lets you indulge your love of aviation anytime, anywhere. Entertaining, educational aviation videos from our catalog of 400+ titles are instantly streamed over the internet to your TV, computer, or mobile device. Discover amazing documentaries, stunning animation, and exclusive first-person accounts from the combat veterans, test pilots, designers, and engineers who made aviation history.

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We always have 100 of our titles available for viewing. You can watch them on our website or using our app, which you can download free from the iTunes Store. You can easily stream the video to your TV using a Panasonic, Samsung or Yahoo-enabled TV.

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AeroCinema costs nothing to try for 14 days. A monthly subscription is $4.95, and an annual subscription is only $49.95. You can cancel at any time.

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Welcome to AeroCinema

A web channel for aviation enthusiasts

Welcome to AeroCinema, an online documentary channel dedicated to honouring the legacy of flight with feature-length films and short stories that provide a detailed look at the most exciting aircraft of years-gone-by!

AeroCinema is brought to you by a dedicated team of professional film makers. Each team member, like you, is an aviation enthusiast adept at combining that love of aviation with expertise in their chosen field of enterprise be it video and sound editing, animation, historical research, script writing, creative design, internet technology and all the operational tasks of today's internet channel.

With beginnings back in 1980, the company has set out to capture those magical moments of aviation history on video. The history makers were interviewed knowing how important their firsthand reminiscences would be in re-kindling the truth of the past for ever hopeful future generations.

Today, through this creative assembly of archive footage, interviews on video and highly developed digital animation - with maximum accessibility and user friendliness - we are able to touch your heart with previously unrecorded happenings of the glorious past and able to answer questions that previously went unanswered.


WOW! this is the first time I came by this web site! But it will definatly won't be the last!! Keep up the great work!!! Very interesting site!

D. Mifsud

Absolutely first rate viewing. I am 55 and I am turning on a new generation of young enthusiasts to your site. I can not say enough of the importance of what this site brings to the understanding of the world in which we live. Using entertainment to educate in this way, is, in my opinion, the greatest form of story telling we have today..

B Miller, Banff Alta. Canada.

Watch hundreds of aviation titles, anywhere, anytime.

AeroCinema lets you indulge your love of aviation with amazing, informative, and thought-provoking aviation stories instantly streamed over the Internet to your TV, computer, or mobile device.

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Browse our extensive library of aviation related feature films. Discover amazing documentaries, stunning animation and exclusive first-person accounts from the combat veterans, test pilots, designers and engineers who made - and are making - aviation history.